Welcome to the HERD...

This is us way back in '97!


We are Tom, Jacqueline and Hannah, three members of a family born and raised in Cardiff. We've spent the last three years taking our 100% vegan street food stall Got No Beef ® up and down the country, showcasing our delectable range of show-stopping dishes to widespread acclaim. We've exhibited at over 150 events and travelled in excess of 20,000 miles. Now we're opening our first ever vegan restaurant in the heart of our home city. We've came a long way to get here...it's good to be home!

This is Moo-riel


The idea for Got No Beef ® came in the aftermath of us all turning Vegan. Tom switched five years ago, Jacqueline and Hannah soon followed. We all know the limitations of Vegan options back then, so we won't go into detail! All you need to know is that we have an unwavering passion for creating straight up lovable, trend-setting dishes. We are often imitated and never replicated. We've taken our stall to the port Cities of Southern England and as far North as Glasgow, to the western reaches of Pembrokeshire and East to the "Big Smoke"of London. We've loved living the nomadic lifestyle, seeing the rolling landscapes, hearing varying accents and meeting incredible people.


8 Barrack Lane, City Centre, Cardiff, CF10 2FR


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